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Clean teeth

What many dentists don't tell you is that there are several filling options available to you in different price ranges. You can talk to our staff at Neighborhood Dental Group when you visit to discuss the best dental filling material for your particular situation. Silver dental amalgam is typically the most affordable option, and is the best filling for children's teeth as the teeth will eventually fall out anyway.

Variety of Filling Materials

Pay in a way that's easy for you. We accept all major insurances.

  • Silver dental amalgam

  • White fillings: dental composite

  • Match tooth color

  • Bonded fillings

  • Not visible


filling options

As long as you are not allergic to mercury, we have mercury fillings available for your convenience! Tests have shown that mercury fillings aren't dangerous or damaging to patients, and are an affordable and minimal option when you need to have a cavity filled. Each cavity will be cleaned, and then refilled with whichever filling type you choose.

Affordable mercury fillings

We have specials available. Give us a call and ask!